Ian Howard – Chairman

Born and educated in New Zealand and from a farming family Mr Ian Howard spent his earlier years in sales and marketing, rising to sales management positions before accepting a position as Export Manager, Oceania, based in Papua New Guinea, during which time he established Pacific Frozen Foods Ltd, becoming the major distributor of Australian and New Zealand Frozen Foodstuffs to those Regions.

Upon returning to Australia Mr Howard joined Castlemaine Tooheys Ltd as Area Manager for NW New South Wales and SE Queensland, responsible for sales, hotels, staff, and promotional activity and sponsorship arrangements

This position bought Ian into constant contact with the full impact of the wide ranging conditions encountered by regional councils and their populations, and while involved also in various rural based and orientated sporting and cultural events over many years he was able to meet many significant rural groups and individuals at a “grass roots level”

The lessons and knowledge gained from those experiences are to extensive to relate here; suffice to say that as a result of those many dealings, meetings and conversations it became clear that a Foundation such as this would be of great assistance to rural communities, and that the correct promotion of the rich tapestry of rural activity already established in inland areas, and with the now confirmed co-promotional assistance of the agricultural reliant corporate world it was entirely possible and financially viable.

Brent Christie – Director

Mr Christie has a strong professional background in accounting and finance.

He was an accountant with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in New Zealand and subsequently became the senior manager of Corporate Financial Services to NZI Bank for commercial, development and construction finance. At the time, NZI Bank was a wholly owned subsidiary of NZI Corporation, the third largest listed company in New Zealand at the time.

Mr Christie has held senior management positions within multi-national corporations such as Bertelsmanns Group (NZ) and Universal Group Australia.

Since 2001, Mr. Christie has acted as an Independent Finance Consultant, consulting to individuals and corporations assisting in the structuring of transactions and facilitating access to funding from institutional and private lenders.  Projects included residential and commercial property developments and refinancing.

Nick Cherry – Director

Born of Scottish descent and educated at University of Edinburgh Chem.Eng, Mr Cherry is a specialist in building and commercialising new enterprises.

Mr Cherry’s’ corporate achievements include: Hempel Paints-Set up Industrial Tech Service Worldwide based in Copenhagen, Denmark; Gefo Ltd-Managing Director of the building chemical div responsible for increasing sales to $50 million within 3 years; The Green Pipe Pty Ltd- using 100% recycled HDPE (milk bottles) we produce a wide range of low pressure pipe and accessories for rural farming, mining and forestry; Built 2000 residential homes in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia using lightweight aerated concrete tilt slab panels; Equity Finance Pty Ltd- Managing Director – speciality mezzanine and refinancing; Equityshield Pty Ltd- National BDM recruiting a team of resellers in the equity underwriting field.

Paul Argo – Director

Paul has been a builder for over 40 years where he has covered all aspects of the industry and as a result was invited by Bondor Australia to assist in the development of the latest in Panel Housing.

Paul was so impressed by the product he spent the next three years doing research and development into panel house development.

This resulted in Paul forming a company ‘Insulated Construction Australia’ where he teamed up with Delta Panel and his fellow patent designer Paul Cooper from Kwiksure Systems. Paul Cooper patented a no weld steel connection system. Paul Argo patented a structural panel system aligning the patents where possible to build a new alternative method of building residential and commercial buildings.

Paul is passionate about rural Australia having managed and run regional construction projects including Darwin Casino, providing accommodation for regional mining towns, the housing commission and regional retirement villages.